Home Mortgages

A home loan is something that you’ll live with for a long time, at NorthSide Bank, we are here to help, whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or building a custom home.

Mortgage Options


Traditional fixed-rate home loans provide predictability in rate and payments.


Unlike most first-time homebuyer programs, with FHA home loans you’ll enjoy down payment requirements that are traditionally lower than conventional financing.

Rural Development

This USDA sponsored program is ideal if you’re a first-time homebuyer looking to purchase in “rural defined population service areas.” Subject to Agency funding and availability. You must also meet certain income requirements. Learn more.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)

If you’re hoping to buy and sell your home in the near future, an ARM loan might be a good fit. These loans typically feature lower introductory rates that adjust periodically throughout the life of the loan.


We understand that not all home loans fit into standard program requirements. With multiple options for fixed and adjustable rate jumbo loans, NorthSide Bank can help homebuyers seeking larger loan amounts.


Shop for your new home with confidence when you prequalify for your home loan. Simply contact our Mortgage Lender to answer a few questions and you’ll be shopping with confidence in no time at all!

What to Expect

When you haven’t gone through it before, the loan process can start to feel overwhelming at times. Here’s an idea of what to expect. Also, feel free to ask questions, we are here to help.

  • Meet with NorthSide Bank’s Mortgage Lender for pre-approval
  • You provide all required documentation
  • NorthSide provides loan disclosures
  • NorthSide orders a home appraisal
  • NorthSide submits documents to underwriting
  • Underwriter approves the loan
  • You set up homeowners insurance
  • Documents are sent to the title company/closing attorney for signing
  • You sign documents at title company/closing attorney’s office and pay remaining costs, if applicable
  • Home at last – loan is recorded and keys are exchanged


What You'll Need

Here’s a list of the most commonly requested items that you’ll need to provide to get the approval process started.

  • Last 2 recent paystubs
  • Last 2 years W2’s
  • Last 2 years Tax Returns both personal and business(if applicable)
  • Awards letter for the current year on  social security/disability
  • Most Recent 2 months bank statements (all pages) for checking, savings, and certificate of deposits
  • Most Recent 2 months statements on retirement accounts, 401(k), mutual funds (if using for down payment or reserves)
  • List of Other Real estate Owned (Copy of Mortgage Statements, if escrowed) (Copy of Home Insurance, if not escrowed or no mortgage)
  • Executed Purchase Contract (if applicable)

Additional information may be requested at a later time.


If you are ready to get started with your home mortgage or if you just want to learn more, contact our Mortgage Lender today!

Mandy White
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Loan products subject to credit approval. Other terms, conditions, restrictions & fees may apply.